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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about L3 Matrix

Question. Can I go backwards to re-answer a question if I feel like I've answered it wrong?

Answer: Unfortunately not, what you'll have to do is complete your exam and at the end you'll be able to leave a note for your teacher and press submit. After that the teacher then can go ahead and edit and reopen those questions for you to revisit at a later time. So don't worry, just carry on with the exam and leave a note at the end.

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**Trouble Logging In? Follow These Steps:**

1. **Check Error Message:** If you see "credentials do not match" or "user not recognized," make sure you're on the correct login page.

2. **Look for the Logo:** Ensure the academy's logo you're training with is visible. If not, you're likely on the wrong page.

3. **Contact Your Academy:** If you can't see your academy's logo, reach out to them and ask for your login link to be resent.

4. **Check Your Welcome Email:** Your original welcome email should contain your login link. Have a look there for quick access.

These steps should help you successfully log in!

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